Ryder Cup qualification will get underway using the brand new PGA season underway from the States along with Wentworth staging this event for the first time along including the majors. It’s a strange feeling as this would come towards the beginning of the Summer with a banquet of sport to anticipate. Now we’re winding down and it implies we assemble a strong field in failing to attract some of their celebrities for an event which has had its moments, although I am no lover of the schedule at least. As the weather seems set to be nice for most the four times no issues this week and people making the trip into the suburbs of Surrey will probably be in for a treat. As a good tee to green game is necessary about here and some other strays chunks off the tee towards greens will frequently find trouble in trees or in the very best in bunkers. It is a test of golf where aspects will need to be firing to compete over the weekend. It has produced some drama over the weekend and from this that is as great as the golfing getsstrap in and love.
I said a couple of weeks back in my Porsche preview precisely how far Casey and Schauffele stood out in the playoff events in the States. Likewise a an error prone McIlroy nearly limped on the line is Crans. Garcia did the company and despite some prospects rearing their heads the experienced types who perform the bulk of their clubs on the PGA Tour are roads beyond the vast majority of the areas, about the Tour. This week at an exclusion as the field is strong for a European event. That having been said, RORY MCILROY??(6-1) (Enhanced Win Only) is at the peak of his abilities at this time and he will be tough to defeat this week. 11/2 may not tickle the fancy of many given a month the field but 9/1 was his step at both the niches at the Tour Championship. He does not have to deal with the American powerhouses here and at East Lake he drove the ball with the way when he proceeds in that manner. Crans presented it’s issues using inability and the nature to really open his shoulders off the tee on pockets. The effortless 3 woods he had been hitting at East Lake were pure honey and I firmly believe he’s arrived back at the stage he had been winning figures comfortably a few years back. Majors will not come easy with the likes of Brooks naturally, but I would wager now he’ll be more successful than Brooks in the four large ones next year. At Wentworth also with a few of cuts He’s had his troubles but a triumph and runner up place in two of his last 3 looks are as great as it comes in this field. His performances this season are the things of old and he deserved the player of the year label he got a week. Rose has question marks and I’m amazed he isn’t a amount. Fleetwood hasn’t found winning simple along with Finau whilst an out of form Molinari doesn’t look likely to create the heroics needed to acquire this again. Hovland is short due to his first outing at a monitor that is enough and there is a handful more. Given exactly how much better the Irishman is currently compared to the rest, I believe he’s worth siding with because he looks to capitalise with this particular run of form.
4pts WIN R.McIlroy 6/1 (Enhanced Win Only)
Casey looks like he could mount a obstacle that is good to McIlroy this past week, however whether two buses will become in succession for somebody like Casey is a big ask. He can be found lacking the shift. With his progress in European events Rahm is a far more likely candidate. His final field event triumph that will be a concern for Rahmbo and in the States was. That should be rectified by him soon but me here doesn’t tempt. A much better opportunity to take home the silverware is HENRIK STENSON??(22/1 / 8 places). The Swede has appreciated a mini revival in the summer at the US, West and Scottish Opens with consecutive top tens. A leading 20 followed Portrush and played golf in his eponymous finishing third supporting Fitzpatrick and Van Rooyen. He’s completed when on his own game is a perfect match for the job in Wentworth and 7th in his last two appearances here and 3rd. With negatives surrounding plenty from the top 20 from the it requires a lot to attempt to remove him. The bookies are alive to his chances and 22s certainly isn’t a present from above he looks a probable contender.
2pts each-way H.Stenson 22/1 (1/5 8 locations )
Beyond those two I find it a minefield. There are stacks that have enough chances that are lively at odds that are larger and it’s difficult to narrow down some that are dependable for support. Haotong Li matches the bill but hasn’t achieved a lot and if anything appears on the lanky side. That being said, it’d not be a surprise. At bigger prices I quite enjoy the chances of both MIKE LORENZO-VERA??(70/1/ 8 locations ). The Frenchman has to get over the line but has always liked a track that demands accuracy from tee to green. He is currently enjoying his season and has submitted a series of remarkable results. 2nd at Qatar was backed up with a top 5 finish in China to finish a successful tour of the Far East. A heroic attempt at Bethpage landed him his first top 20 in a Major ending 16th beating a number of the worlds best in the process. Since then tens of thousands of thousands have followed in Spain, Ireland, Switzerland and final week at Holland. He is a fighter and wears his heart and have to fancy his odds of continuing this kind around a course that should match when. We’ll have a bash at 70/1 although I’d have expected bigger, once bookies are alive to his chances.
1pt each-way M.Lorenzo Vera 70/1 (1/5 8 locations )

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