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Just trying to find some advice that is general traveling in Russia. Moscow and St. Petersburg with my spouse and 2 old without a guide or group year.

The fast back ground, my family and I have actually traveled all over Western, Central, and Eastern Europe during the last ten years for often per month a summer time without the teams or guides. Our final journey ended up being our very very very first with your small man in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia also it went perfectly. Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Boats, Subways, etc had been all employed without issue. Our son travels with us all around the US, is going at restaurants daily, and it is great along with it. Our hope is to find him accustomed traveling therefore for him to do that it becomes a ”normal” thing.

Our journey rate had been slowed with your baby, but we had an enjoyable experience and want to keep up our passion of traveling and share it with your son. Individuals could not have now been nicer to us, and there have been other benefits that individuals have not had before without or son. We’ve been to virtually every accepted invest Europe that individuals want to for the present time, most places 3 or maybe more times and they are evaluating possibly Russia.

Clearly the reputations of a spot like Russia are not what they’re for the countries that are scandinavian a kid (from the thing I’ve read). But I do not understand exactly just how various a location like Moscow or St. P is from the Budapest, Krakow, Estonia, Prague, etc. Not in the language obstacles while the various alphabet making things a little tougher, most of the entry limitations that we understand, any kind of other major dilemmas to take into account from normal European travel? I usually laugh inside my naive friends that are american think our company is crazy for traveling in European countries due to ”safety” reasons. I’ve never held it’s place in a city that is european was such a thing like a number of our best (NYC, Chicago, Detroit, etc).

Whenever we follow standard safety, does anybody see any major dilemmas for planing a trip to Moscow-St. P by having a near 2 old year?

Many Many Many Thanks a great deal ahead of time.

Oh the terrible 2s.

One apparent challenge is to maintain your kid from driving both you and one other pax nuts throughout the long journey. A child will not keep in mind something from your own journey later on, therefore if at all pls that are possible him by having a baby-sitter. Additionally the Russian way of increasing kids is quite distinct from the US one, where you imagine your kid is charming and free spirited Russians could see him as an unruly brat. How about meals?

Have good journey!

Many thanks for taking the right time for you to reply.

I am aware the presssing issue with driving individuals pea nuts on the plane. We have taken three flights throughout the pond with your child and I can state with certainty which our kid ended up being zero distraction. In reality, we’ve gotten compliments that are many other people in addition to trip attendants on what well he behaves.

I have flown a absurd quantity during my life, and realize completely just exactly exactly how annoying it could be to travel near to a child that is screaming. Awarded. The guy who speaks to noisy, the man who may have to get fully up every 20 mins is equally as bad. But those issues are understood by me.

All having said that, within the next half a year he can get nearer to the ”terrible romanian mail order bride 2’s” and if he begins to change in public places, we’dn’t just take him. He could be nevertheless simply a young child and certainly will set off whenever you want so we recognize that and respect other people maybe not wanting a child that is crying them for 8+ hours. Our company is nevertheless simply when you look at the conversation phase and are also simply wanting to gather details about Russia it self.

Therefore away from all that, when it comes to Russia it self. Can you provide me personally some responses into the questions that are original?

Along with your connection with European travelling and commonsense security precautions we doubt you should have numerous issues at all

You can make beforehand as you point out the lettering makes things tricky and I’d recommend that learning what each of the Cyrillic letters translate to in English will be the best preparation. You are going to at the very least manage to spot a cafe and get coffee with certainty.

Some distinctions you might spot when compared with your trips with other places are

Signposting is serious – we’d say much more in St Petersburg

Individuals behind counters whom you think is there to market you stuff usually do not put themselves away to do this and are also frequently a little frightening

No body makes room unless you make the effort to barge in (I didn’t have a 2 year old to melt their hearts so that might be different for you for you you on trains, buses etc)

For a country who will be probably rightly famed for appalling solution, breakfast staff anything that is clear your table faster than the usual charged particle going across the Hadron Collider if you are maybe maybe not viewing. You shouldn’t be astonished to get every thing missing in the event that you increase for a coffee refill.

I was thinking Moscow and St Petersburg had been fabulous and I’m certain you will have a wonderful time here.

You’ll compare Moscow and S-Peterburg child-friendliness with Estonian one, but it is a positive change with Scandinavian nations.

– no kids menu and chairs that are high the essential of y our restourants.

– no swaddling tables and potties in public WCs.

You’ll find all staff stated earlier and playgrounds too in ikea, stockmann and big department stores. But there is however no malls in the middle of our towns, i do believe you intend to are now living in the guts.

By the way WCs within the main shops of S-Peterburg avaluiable for charge.

It is a problem that is big purchase cot bed within our accommodations, too.

How will you want to feed your youngster? There is absolutely no microwaves in resort rooms.

Ask management about this before scheduling.

Transport is a particular problem: )

1. Metro? I do not think you may utilize it, because we now have no lifts here, actions are genuine edge for you, and it’s really many people in.

2. Taxi? Make an effort to ask seat that is infant buying. We question they will have complete number of rests for several loads, you might be fortunate whether they have only 1 in automobile. And our traffic jams!

3. By base? You can find boundaries in the roads and exhausts and traffic.

4. By train? Forget it, extremely cars that are dirty WCs, no solution after all.

5. By air? Could be it really is a most suitable choice, however you require transfers to airport (very costly), additionally see # 2.

Have you been nevertheless planing to consult with Russia with infant?: )

Consent about general general public WC’s. Yes, you scarcely find one with any facilities that are special children.

Food – you may find it hard to purchase meals for a young child. Specially due to the language issue. When you look at the costly restaurants staff frequently talks English that is good though. Junk food or simple cafes you mostly do use and pointing body gestures.

No microwave oven within the college accommodation – this issue could be easily resolved – don’t stay static in the hotel, elect to stay static in the apartment using the kitchen area. Hire a driver for two-three hours regarding the very first time and stay in the supermarket getting every thing your child could need.

Transportation – metro isn’t that bad since the past poster talked about. After all, yes it really is bad within the early morning when every person would go to the town center. But what exactly? Steer clear of the rush hours. Go a bit later. Stay static in the really center regarding the city and stroll (especially in St. Pete). We don’t discover how it really works within our money but right right right here during my city St. Petersburg individuals often provide the real means for moms and dads with a young child. Individuals will enable you to go which help you. At the least it absolutely was like this when I took my small sibling every-where she was 2-3 y. O with me when.

When you look at the town center of St. Pete it is possible to leap to the bus or trolley – it really is simple once you learn precisely what you want to complete, where you choose to go an such like. It requires time and energy to prepare such a visit.

Taxis are getting to be cheaper with all the recession that is economical. Infant seat might be a problem however.