It turned out to be a Monday series with Joe Osborne and Kris Abbott going 4-2 with their selections and Iain MacMillan unites Kris to speak their four favourite Major League Baseball bets, Week 4 of school soccer and NFL Week 3 today.
Iain is and he has an early look in the spread using the Los Angeles Rams visiting with the Cleveland Browns and urges leaping onto it earlier instead of later.
Kris has his sights on school soccer and makes his case as the Oregon Ducks visit the Stanford Cardinal.
The baseball as the Seattle Mariners visit the Pittsburgh Pirates, off with a moneyline underdog play is started by iain.
Kris breaks a first-five inning total play with Sonny Gray pitching against Yu Darvish as the Cincinnati Reds visit the Chicago Cubs.
The final selection of iain comes from the desert as the Arizona Diamondbacks host the Miami Marlins and he’s got a play.
Kris finishes the show with a moneyline pick since the Los Angeles Dodgers host the Tampa Bay Rays in certain MLB action.
As always, the series wraps up with a Q&A session for our audiences, so you’ve always wanted to ask if there’s anything, then you ought to really be joining us live each weekday at noon ET on our YouTube station!

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