Free video and audio calls to other Viber users around the world? Viber is not the only messaging service looking towards crypto-currencies. It is likely that this year will see a number of other Viber Messenger Free Video Calls & Group Chats apk leading chat and messaging platforms enter the crypto fray with their own virtual currency tokens. The parent company of cross-platform messaging app Viber is studying Russian regulations and law as it prepares to launch its own crypto-currency in the country next year, reports Russian news agency TASS. Viber isn’t the only communications app adding to chat functionality.

  • Last night Viber was down in Dominican Republic, seems to running ok nut from time to time it slows down a little.
  • To use this feature for text messages, download the Messages app for Android and move them there.
  • With the release of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2, Messages gained the ability to send and receive iMessages using an iPhone phone number.
  • It does not use your phone number so that only a username can identify you.
  • The safest strategy is to simply leave your smartphone at home.

At the first stage in their evolution, many of the most popular chat apps offered only one-to-one communication. Now, all of the top names including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber support the creation of communities. Channels and groups became a new place for communication and encouraged users to share their passions, their thoughts, and to discuss interesting topics. Below you can see the most popular chat apps as of right now based on the number of monthly active users. The numbers prove that the messaging apps market share will continue to grow and that there is still room for new messenger apps. This brings us to the end of this article where we have looked VoIP and how it works especially on the Internet.

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The conversation can be made more compelling by the addition of photos, videos and audio clips. The GPS location can also be shared via a map on the background of the app. The WhatsApp messenger can send premade notes and also block contacts within WhatsApp. This can be done without leaving the app which is a cool feature. One other significant feature of WhatsApp is group messaging. Messages can be broadcasted to multiple friends by bringing up the contact list and selecting the people to whom the messages should be sent. A group can also be created and contacts can be added into that group and messages to that particular group can be sent.

However, When I used Data services, this will charge me. But after my account have no more money and Data services still on, viber still working fine with wifi + data services on + no money in my account.

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To ensure Windows Defender Firewall isn’t blocking Viber in any way, turn off the WDF before opening the app. Some users have fixed Viber software freezing upon launch by blocking its adds. To do that, enter ‘Notepad’ in Windows 10’s search utility. Click Advanced options to open more options for the app.