There are various topics that make this form of writing quite interesting. You can do it yourself or find s professional to help with the structuring and overall writing. The length of this essay will be dictated by the topic and the instructions given by the tutor. An exemplification essay is the type of essay Detailed Informative Essay Writing Guide that teachers love to assign, because it sounds complex and it scares students. Okay, maybe teachers don’t want to scare students, but they do like to test student knowledge and understanding. An exemplification essay is a perfect example of something that sounds complicated but actually isn’t at all.

exemplification essay introduction

However, in the case of an exemplification essay, the writer must exclusively focus on examples. Most would claim that an argumentative essay represents the easiest and most appropriate manner to prove a point of view. Yet, examples are, in fact, the most understandable and best way to illustrate ideas as seen in exemplification essays. Furthermore, writing an exemplification essay allows a student to develop their skills of using examples in academics. Hence, writing an exemplification essay should be less of a headache than other types of essays, because you should be writing with your reader in mind. For every point you make, you want to have evidence that illustrates that exact point, and does not merely support it. On the other hand, a piece of evidence that states that social media can be addictive, really doesn’t offer a clear enough example in support of this thesis.

Tips for Writing an Exemplification Essay

Violence on college campuses is gradually acquiring broad social significance. For many years, college campuses were believed to possess sufficient level of student safety and security. Violence and campus life seemed the two incompatible categories. exemplification essay introduction It makes the reader want to explore the topic even further, and it gives you a good sense of how the argument will be. You could start with an anecdote, a fact, or a statistic. Once you have opened, let the reader in on what the write-up is about.

Once the opening hook is written and you have introduced the readers to your topic, finish your intro with a clear thesis statement. The thesis’s objective is to gather the entire arsenal and summarize it into a comprehensive plan of action. The conclusion starts with a restated thesis statement that provides one with the required information that allows for the development of the required solution. Have a look at our exemplification essay examples for more ideas.

Compose Your Outline

Draw the attention of readers with a rhetorical question, bold statement, or incredible statistics. The next step is to disclose background information surrounding the topic. In doing so, readers will feel confident when observing the following examples.

  1. Once you have your points mostly worked out in your head, you are more empowered to write a tighter essay.
  2. For example, sharks are adaptive and are not afraid of distinct challenges .
  3. It isn’t humanly possible and in some areas, the police are corrupt.
  4. Write an introduction that lets your reader know what to expect from your essay and states the thesis.
  5. Consequently, humans possess similar behavioral patterns in choosing a partner as animals.
  6. Now, there are plenty of examples you can use to prove your essay point, and we’re here to share some of them with you.
  7. The body of your argument is the part that contains evidence to support and back up what you are saying.
  8. Be careful in choosing your examples and make sure that your readers can relate to it and make sure they will get your point.

When writing an exemplification essay, the writer relies on specific examples to prove their point. After you have finished writing the opening of the exemplification essay, you need to move forward to its body. Again, the body of the essay must include strong and clear ideas, arguments and points, details and brief examples, and of course information to support the topic. It is very important to use arguments and information that will make the thesis of the exemplification essay sound valid.

Exemplification Model Essay: Violence on Campus

However, this is largely because we have the courage of our ancestors and the intrepid actions of the colonists to thank for our freedom from British rule. The colonists understood all too well that an abuse of power can easily create tyranny. Their practicality is forever solidified in the Bill of Rights; namely the second amendment, which gives all citizens the right to bear arms.

  1. Remember that your audience will most likely not be in the same room with you when they read your paper, so be explicit in your explanations and descriptions.
  2. However, the thesis should not be universally accepted as true.
  3. After editing, it is ready to send to the teacher for grading.
  4. The introduction section sets up your discussion on the topic.
  5. Exemplification sounds like a big word but if you already know about the argumentative essay, you are going to understand this type of paper as well.
  6. Lastly, provide a closing or concluding sentence that wraps up your paragraph and leads the reader to the next.
  7. Next, it is a good idea to give a brief background into what the topic is about and give details of what you will do.

This means that each one of the subheadings would contain the main points to be discussed within that section of the paper. This makes it easy for the person reading the exemplification essay to identify different key issues being addressed by simply skimming through the paper. Despite coming after the introduction, the body should be the first part a writer should compose for their exemplification essay. Every paragraph composing the main body should include an example, a topic sentence, and a proper transition.

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Your topic should not be too broad or too specific because finding appropriate instances for broad topics is tough. This year, the overall college enrollment fell by more than 600,000 students compared to 2020. There are plenty of reasons for the decline, including the increasing cost of tuition. But, can we really consider this change as something terrible, or is a college education not such a big thing anymore? Once you find plenty of resources and data, you should take some time to evaluate your material and prioritize the collected information. To make your paper truly engaging, it is vital that you use valid, significant, and relevant examples that bring real value. Writing an exemplification essay may seem quite challenging, especially when you are facing this task for the first time.

  1. Ideally, the thesis will go beyond the exemplification essay topic ideas that you will capture in the write-up.
  2. Also, they can help you with any type of essay, whether it is an illustration essay or you want to write a research paper.
  3. This will help the reader understand what the entire exemplification paper is all about.
  4. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting from the University of Southern California.
  5. Good discipline teaches children more than about what happens when they don’t follow the rules.
  6. A startling or surprising statistic is a quick and easy way to grab a reader’s attention and keep him glued to the page.
  7. Rather than attempting to connect each point to some vague or over-complicated notion, the exemplification essay has concrete examples showing why certain viewpoints are correct.

The basic outline for an essay consists of planning for your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The key to writing an effective exemplification essay is to use illustrative examples that clarify your ideas. There are several ways to start an exemplification essay to grab a reader’s attention. Basically, an exemplification paper follows the standard essay structure, which consists of an introductory clause, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. An intro typically consists of an attention-grabbing hook, followed by a clear thesis statement . The body of the text should include several paragraphs, each stating a specific topic-related point and providing examples to support it.

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Furthermore, creating an outline of your essay is key to a successful paper. This strategy plans each paragraph using short phrases or single words. An exemplification essay consists of an introduction with an attention-grabber as the first sentence, followed by background information and, most notably, a thesis statement. Next are the body paragraphs that include a topic sentence stating one reason for each paragraph. Each paragraph must have at least two to three examples supporting the writer’s thesis; it uses relevant examples and detailed explanations as evidence. Lastly, the conclusion restates the essay’s main points.