Warren Gatland has been in a position to name his strongest starting XV using Dan Biggar along with Jonathan Davies equally past week, after picking up knocks in the riveting clash with Fiji departure fitness tests.
Even the French have reverted into the side which beat the only change seeing Bernard Le Roux against Argentina over the opening weekend.
Wales have mastered this fixture in recent years winning seven of the last eight encounters, but with one of those coming by a perimeter of more or 10 points.
Their latest battle saw Wales period a second half comeback in Paris from the first game of this 2019 Six Nations. The Welsh rallied to win 24-19 thanks to the overdue intercept score of George North.
That functionality showed the French at their absolute best and their very worst. They then within seconds seemed disorganised and played with with a few rugby. A performance that was similar was produced by them with Argentina from the clash, however, the Pumas comeback stopped.
In which they survived a massive second half onslaught by the Wallabies, Even the pride themselves on their 80 minute fitness and discipline, that has got them through a lot of tight games the team game with Australia.
Wales seem to have too much major game experience and when it boils down to the big minutes in the final quarter, although I could see France as theyve done in most of their games in 2019, flying from the gate within this game.
Backing France/Wales on the half time marketplace at 6/1 looks to be the very ideal choice.
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