Andy Ruiz Jrs world heavyweight title fight along with anthony Joshua will be refereed by Luis Pabon of Puerto Rico.
Sky clients: Purchase Ruiz Jr v Joshua two
Non-Sky customers Ruiz Jr v Joshua two
Promoter Eddie Hearn clarified that agreeing that the neutral referee waseloquent but he also expectsplay since there always is because the countdown continues to Saturdays fight, live on Sky Sports Box Office, using ring-walks set for 8.30pm.
Pabon, 53 refereed Sergey Kovalevs triumph over last year and, Anthony Yarde, was the guy from the ring when Callum Smith pumped out George Groves in Saudi Arabia.
If Alexander Povetkin stopped he refereed a world heavyweight title fight.
Luis Pabon is still a very, very expert world championship runner, Hearn told Sky Sports.
Wed inside the arrangement to have neutral officials. A impartial referee also a neutral judge , an American judge and also subsequently a British judge.
The governing bodies sent through recommendations to the officials, every side includes some they are content with, and we find common ground. Were both pleased with Luis Pabon and the judges
Joshua introduced a sleeker body at the people work outs and teased his next battle with Ruiz Jr would bea marathon not a sprint, hinting hed drag the champion into the later rounds.
The mutual admiration between their camps and the fighters might not survive as anxiety ramps up, Hearn said.
Its impossible to sponsor an event such as this without an argument, while its about the rooms, the ring-walksthe corners, the gloves, and the hand-wraps, either the resort or someone not liking the buffet.
View Ruiz Jr vs Joshua 2 on Saturday, live on Sky Sports Box Office, from 5pm. Book it through your Sky remote or reserve it online here. If you arent a Sky TV subscriber youll be able to reserve and see it .

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